Lectures and Practical:

  • Students should take their seats before the teacher enters the class and should not leave the room during the course of the lecture. A student should seek the permission of the teacher concerned for his late entry to the classroom.

  • If a student is not well he may leave the class with necessary permission.

  • Girl students should be allowed to occupy seats in the front rows.

  • Students should maintain perfect discipline inside the class and be attentive to the lectures.

  • Students should not assemble in front of the classroom or make noise in the vicinity when a class is going on. They are advised to use Student's Common Room when they do not have any class.


  • Every student is required to attend at least 75% of the lectures, practical etc held in each subject in a particular academic session in order to be eligible to be sent up for the University examination.

  • In case of illness supported by medical certificate the University considers application to condone shortage of attendance up to 15% A student may be granted condo nation 5% in case he has represented State/University/College for any purpose during the concern session.

  • A candidate failing at a University Examination can reappear at the same examination as a non-college candidate without further attending the classes provided he produces a certificate from the Principal of the college from which he last appeared to the effect that nothing objectionable is known against his conduct.

  • If a student finds that his name has not been entered in the attendance register of any class he should immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Principal by a written application the Principal is satisfied his absence be condoned for such an interval.

  • As soon as the name of a student is notified to have been struck-off from the roll due to non-payment of fees, he becomes liable to loose the benefit of attendance till his name is restored on payment of the necessary fees. Student should bear in mind that there is no law to help them in case of shortage of attendance. Hence students are advised not to remain absent from their classes lest they may be detained for shortage of attendance.

Rules regarding extra curricular activities of students.

  • Every student of the college should actively participate in the extra curricular activities of the college such as Sports N.S.S. Cultural competitions, Society, functions seminars and so on.

  • A student can not become a member of an outside Athletic club/society/Association with out obtaining the necessary permission from the Principal.

  • No college player can play for any team other than the college team with out a permission from the Principal.

  • It is the responsibility of every student to extent his/her wholehearted co-operation to make a function organized in the college successful. Any attempt to mar the decency or decorum of the function will be considered an act of gross indiscipline.


  • All office orders, information, decisions & instructions will be notified on the college notice board(s). It is the duty of a student to see the notice board and obtain the necessary information. Ignorance of any notice will not be accepted as an excuse.

  • Students are advised not to remove any notice from the Notice Board. Removal of notice is a serious offence.

  • For any clarification of any notice students may contact the principal or Head Clerk.

  • No students is allowed to affix private notices on the Notice Board without necessary permission of the authority.

Use of College Premises and Property:

  • Student should not write any thing on the walls, floor, pillars or doors of the college building. They must not temper with electric & water fittings, furniture. laboratory fittings, apparatus, library books, journals, etc. In case of any damage to the college property, the cost of the damage along with a fine shall be realized from the concerned students.


  • Students should take their seats before the teachers enter the classrooms and should not leave their seats during the lecture.

  • They should not cause disturbances either inside the class or outside. They should not loiter or stand gossiping in groups in verandah. in from of classrooms of on the staircase nor should they loiter, before Staff Common Room, Principal's chamber or enter the office without sufficient cause.

  • They should not remove any paper from table of the staff common room, library or office.

  • Students involved in activities disrupting the discipline of the college shall be severely dealt with.

  • The cause of serious indiscipline shall be placed before the Staff Council and its recommendation shall be placed before Governing Body for final action.