Library Rules

No book shall be removed from the Library without the knowledge of the Librarian, not until it has been entered by the librarian in a register to be kept for that purpose. This register should contain columns for the name and the number of the book taken out, the data of its removal & return, signature of the borrower & remarks upon the condition of the book at time of issue and or when it is torn by use it is returned to the Library.


Book taken out of Library must be returned to the Librarian on the due & on account be transferred to any other person. It is the duty of the borrower to keep the book clear. If it is torn by use it is the duty of the borrower to get it repaired.


No marginal or other notes shall be made in the books. Breach of this rule shall incur punishment by fine at the discretion of the Principal.

Any person losing or seriously damaging a volume shall have to pay its value or replace it with a similar volume. When it belongs to a set or series unless he replaces it he shall have to pay the total value of the set.


The hours during which the Library shall remain open shall be determined by the Principal from time to time.


The following is the maximum numbers of books to be issued to various class of members.

i) Members of Teaching Staff - 10
ii) Class three employees - 03
iii) Class IV employees - 01
iv) Honours Students - 04
v) Pass Student of B.A./B.Sc. -02


Student can retain books borrowed by them for a period of 15 days unless it is requisitioned by a member of the staff in the event of which it should be returned immediately on receipt of requisition.


Librarian may demand the production of identity card from a student at time of borrowing books from the library.


Member of the staff may retain textbooks borrowed by them for a period of 30 days at a time.


Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, maps and rare book can not be taken out of the library without obtaining specific permission from the Principal in writing. Not with standing these provisions, the principal reserves the right to stop the issue of certain of certain books to students. Reference books on no account are to be taken out of the library.


A student who wants to take books from the Library should present his/her library card along with a list of books he/she wishes to borrow in order of preference during the working hours of the library. The book or books may be collected the day after the requisition he/she should always present his/her card whenever he/she wants either to borrow or return books.


If a student loose his/her library card another card will be issued to him/her on application and on payment of Re. -10/


Students who do not return library books in time are liable to pay a fine of Re.1/ per book for each day of delay.


Current issue of journals, periodicals and magazines cannot be borrowed by the Students or members of the staff.


Old issue of journals, periodicals and magazines can be issued for a maximum period of 15 days.


A member is supposed to have read the library rules and is supposed to have agreed to abide by them.


Ignorance of the Library Rules will not been excuse


All the students of final +3 Arts/Sc. should return their books borrowed from the library, before filling up of Final Examination from positively.


In all matters of disputes, doubts and controversies regarding library rules the decision of the Principal is final and binding.