Railway Concession

As per the rules laid down by the Minister of Railways, a bonafide student of the College can avail himself of Railway concession on the following occasions:

To go home during summer and Puja vacation only.
To go to attend an interview.
To go to participate in an Athletic meet sponsored by the college.
To go on a study tour organized by the college.

The term "Home" means the native place of the student or the place where the parents or guardians of the student are residing (as mentioned in the long roll)

Whenever a student undertakes a journey with a railway concession, he shall be required to carry his identity card with him and shall also be required to furnish other information as may be the Railway authorities to establish his identity as a student of the college.

Railway concession issued in favor of student can-not be transferred to or used by any other student or person. In case of violation of this provision the responsibility for the transfer shall rest with the student in whose favor it was originally is used.

Any student intending to avail Railway concessions shall make a written application to the Principal and this should be duly recommended by the concerned Proctor or Hostel superintendent. Railway concession will be issued only after full and complete satisfaction of the Principal.

Every student who wants a railway concession shall be expected to pay a donation of Re.1/-for single journey and Rs.2/-for a to and fro journey to the college.

The Railway concession will be issued to the student only 3days after the data of application.

Bus Concession

The State Transport Undertaking grants the following concessions to the students of Odisa.

75% of 30 single fare at current rate for monthly pass.
50% of the current face for to and for journey from place of residence to the educational institution daily.
50% of the current face for to and fro journey from permanent residence to educational institution to avail summer or Puja vacation and to & fro journey in excursion and extra curricular activities and for interview.

The monthly & daily passes will be issued by the OSRTC on recommendation of the Principal. For this. a student should apply to the concerned authority in a prescribed from through the principal.

The daily and monthly pass has to be renewed at the beginning of each session.

The students are advised to apply for Bus concession at least 3 days in advance of the actual requirement for such concession.